Youth Development

The present generation of Ghanaian youth faces many difficult challenges in their development into adults than ever before. From participation in political violence to armed robbery, and drugs and alcohol abuse to lack of employment in an unforgiving economy.

Obviously, factors affecting the quality of life of our youth and their ability to reach their full potentials are now multifaceted and challenging than in the past. Service sector employment, which has increased over the years, has compelled massive influx of youth from the rural areas into towns and cities in search of non-existing jobs.

Our youth development approach recognizes the youth as a resource in rebuilding communities and looks to them as partners in creating a framework for developing and implementing successful programs best suited for their needs.  Skills training, Mentoring, Apprenticeship, Job Placement.

To achieve the development of the rural youth, we use a multidimensional approach that targets the different points at which the youth needs can be effectively addressed. This may includes:

  • Advocating for action on youth needs and access to care with policy makers, parents and community leaders.
  • Increasing access to comprehensive sexuality education, peer education and counselling, to enable youth make healthy and responsible decisions about their sexuality.
  • Promoting access to resource materials, including health journals, fact sheets, books, on-line databases and videos.
  • Providing reproductive healthcare services specifically designed for the youth, as well as referrals to youth-friendly institutions for further care.
  • Create opportunities for the empowerment of the youth through the acquisition of vocational skills that include public-speaking, social entrepreneurship, computer skills and micro-enterprise development training.
  • Collaborating /networking with identified agencies to share resources and promote our issues.
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